About Us

Each year in the United States, 1 million acres of real estate is developed. This annual development effort generates nearly 20 million due diligence reports.

Each of these reports currently takes 1-2 weeks at a cost of thousands of dollars. Faced with such a tremendous cost in time and money, many developers choose to self-perform these tasks instead, resulting in exhausting work weeks, burnout, missed opportunities, and endless frustration.

Enter Land Intelligence, the rating agency for land. By leveraging big data ingestion, on-the-ground relationships, and a patented software algorithm, Land Intelligence is a time and cost-efficient solution to the land acquisition and due diligence problem. We do in seconds what would take weeks.

Our primary users are land developers and financiers that fund real estate development.  We serve them by providing customized, automated reports for site condition analysis, asset volume projections, and future asset value forecasts. Instead of endlessly working the data, let’s make the data for endlessly for you.

Make your data work for you. Check out our suite of products.