About Land Intelligence

Land Intelligence provides a suite of comprehensive reporting, analysis and advisory land development services through its LandSUITE platform. It is our mission to empower clients to research, finance and trade in record time, enabling smart, cost-effective, data-driven decisions.

The land development market is currently served by fragmented sources that focus on narrow segments within the industry. Redundant research for a particular property is performed by many real estate related professionals and local governments which produces many disparate databases. This old model of real estate evaluation has created siloed and disconnected data that is not actionable to the ecosystem of land development.

Changing the Landscape

Each year in the United States, 1 million acres of real estate is developed. This annual development effort generates nearly 20 million due diligence reports. These reports currently require 1-2 weeks and cost thousands of dollars.

By leveraging big data ingestion, on-the-ground relationships, and a patented software algorithm, Land Intelligence is a time and cost-efficient solution to the land acquisition and due diligence problem. We do in seconds what traditionally takes weeks.

Our primary users are land developers and financiers that fund real estate development. We serve them by providing customized, automated reports for site condition analysis, asset volume projections, and future asset value forecasts. Instead of endlessly working the data, let’s make the data work endlessly for you.

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