Land Intelligence provides a suite of comprehensive reporting, analysis and advisory land development services through its LandSUITE platform. It is our mission to empower clients to research, finance and trade in record time, enabling smart, cost-effective, data-driven decisions.

The land development market is currently served by fragmented sources that focus on narrow segments within the industry. Redundant research for a particular property is performed by many real estate related professionals and local governments which produces many disparate databases. This old model of real estate evaluation has created siloed and disconnected data that is not actionable to the ecosystem of land development.

Changing the Landscape

Each year in the United States, 1 million acres of real estate is developed. This annual development effort generates nearly 20 million due diligence reports. These reports currently require 1-2 weeks and cost thousands of dollars.

By leveraging big data ingestion, on-the-ground relationships, and a patented software algorithm, Land Intelligence is a time and cost-efficient solution to the land acquisition and due diligence problem. We do in seconds what traditionally takes weeks.

Our primary users are land developers and financiers that fund real estate development. We serve them by providing customized, automated reports for site condition analysis, asset volume projections, and future asset value forecasts. Instead of endlessly working the data, let’s make the data work endlessly for you.

Changing the Landscape

LandSUITE is ran and operated based on our LandVALUES:

1) Leadership

- Leadership is the ability for a person or a group to

guide others into the right direction.

2) Agile

- An Agile company responds quickly, with feedback

and help from fellow coworkers. LandSUITE is built

around quick turns, and keeping our service up to

date and fully optimized for our customers.

3) Neighborly

- Neighborly refers to our business being customer-friendly,

working with and helping local businesses, and being a healthy

part of the community. We treat our customers like a good

neighbor, and show them all the maximum respect and help.

4) Driven

- LandSUITE is ran by passionate individuals, who has a drive

towards creating an innovative and useful tool unlike anything

currently available in the market.

5) Visionary

- Our company has a vision, that we've strived towards since it's

founding. We will communicate with our customers, and we will work

and learn to create a unique product, and changing the face of the

Land Field for the better.

6) Accountable

- LandSUITE is built off the back of accountability. We know who is responsible

for what duties, and we get them done, especially the most important duty of all:

serving you, the customer.

7) Loyal

- Like any good organization, LandSUITE is built by loyalty to the vision,

we take care of and assist each other through the development of our product,

and we are loyal to the customer above all else. One of our customers can trust

that they will receive our full attention, and we will help you achieve your goals

with built-in services on our platform, our Weekly Webinars, and the ability to

contact one of our LandEXPERTS 1-on-1 to discuss any of your needs.

8) Unstoppable

- Land Intelligence is committed to the vision of creating our new innovative

tools, and making our mark on the industry. There is nothing that can stop

us from achieving that goal, and fulfilling all of our LandVALUES.

9) Empathetic

- Land Intelligence is a Customer Focused Business, and with that we are a

Customer Empathy Focused Business. We care about your concerns and

problems, and it's our job to listen to you and understand, so that we can help.

Our Number One focus is on the customer, and understanding their needs and wants.

10) Strategic

- LandSUITE was built intentionally, with our business using long-running agile strategies

to achieve our goals, with us being accountable over achieving that strategy, adapting to any

needed changes to succeed at our goals.

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