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Top 5 Land Deal Exit Strategies 

Top 5 Land Deal Exit Strategies Profitable land deals typically have a solid exit strategy in mind prior to getting under contract. Land Intelligence breaks down our top 5 recommended exit strategies. 1. Wholesale Land Flip Land flipping can be a great profit-making business model for those willing to take the time to find the […]

Land Development: The Right Way 

Land Development: The Right Way Read on for every step you need to make profitable land deals. Up Front Feasibility Leverage technology to perform due diligence from a distance. You can examine important key features such as: zoning, topography, developable area, wetlands, flood zones, utilities, including water and sewer mains, electric transmission or gas lines, […]

The Top 5 Strategies Making Money Investing in Land 

The Top 5 Strategies Making Money Investing in Land  Investing in undeveloped land is often overlooked and may not have the glitz and glamour as other real estate investments, but you know what it doesn’t have? The high risk and competitive market.   High profit margin deals are often the results of understanding investment strategies and knowing how to uncover invisible risks through proper due diligence.   Not sure investing in land is actually profitable? Keep reading to […]

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