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Land Development Operating System

Deal Management - Mapping/Compare Tool - Contract Management - Team Accessibility - Land & Market Reports - Risk Checklists - Calculator - RFI (Request for Information)

The Entire Land Acquisition Process on One Platform

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Explore data from coast to coast from the comfort of your browser using LandSCOUT™.

Deal Management

Can't keep track of how many systems you use for one land deal? Manage your entire land acquisition process on one dashboard.

  • Find & Save Parcels
  • Evaluate Land
  • Kanban Deal Board
  • Market and Local Government Reports
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Checklists

Mapping & Compare Tools

County GIS a pain? Search and find land information in minutes with a click.

  • Parcel & Ownership Information
  • Zoning
  • Soils
  • Gas Lines
  • Schools
  • Municipal Bond Rating
  • Electrical Transmission Lines
  • Topography
  • Flood Hazards
  • Medical Facilities
  • Parks

Score each parcel during your search and compare them side by side to weed our bad deals.

Team Accessibility

Bring everyone in your project onto the same platform with all of the same information.

  • Assign Roles
  • Assign Specific Access
  • Link Documents for Sharing

Land & Market Reports

Spending a lot of time finding reports? Order reports right on the platform with a click of a button.

  • LandMARKET Report
  • LandFAX
  • LandGOV Report

Risk Checklists

Sick of finding bad land? Use our risk checklists to minimize the amount of time you spend on a bad deal.

  • Initial Site Constraints
  • Secondary Site Constraints
  • Environmental
  • Residential
  • Industrial


Need a quick way to show whether a deal will financially work or not? Use our "back of the napkin" land deal calculator.


Not finding something you need? With one click, request any information on any piece of land.

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