Tech-enabled Reports

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A comprehensive site assessment for an individual parcel covering 20 development feasibility factors of an individual real property, containing 20 sections ranging from the aerial view, wetlands information, flood hazard, utilities, zoning, and a variety of other key information sets.


An analysis of the best use of a parcel based on the current zoning. For example, the number of single family homes on a given property or square footage of multifamily or mixed use may be presented.

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An analysis of the development potential for a given property or the best properties for a given development type. Based on an analysis of a property as well as forecasted growth factors for the area.

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An analysis of the hot-button topics, trends, and political leanings of the deciding agencies plus an overview of the permitting process in a given jurisdiction.

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An analysis of local market conditions, including an assessment of the local demand drivers (why people are moving to that market), current market trends (identifying the big players and their projects), and a forecast of potential demand.

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An in-depth analysis of the specific impacts the COVID-19 virus is having on the real estate market and land development industry in a given jurisdiction.

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